Unit 10: Caricatures

Do you know anyone like Mrs Parchett, Mr Coombes, Captain Hardcastle or the The Matron? Do you think they are nasty, scary, mean, scheming or all or the above? Would you like to meet them in real life? Why or why not?

Part 1 What are caricatures?

In Boy, Roald Dahl creates that the people he remembers from his childhood days as caricatures.
Caricatures are a representation used in books or pictures, in which the subject's extraordinary or distinctive features or peculiarities are deliberately exaggerated to produce a comic or grotesque effect. Have you ever seen caricatures of famous people in the newspapers like the one above? Which features stands out in the caricature of Einstein?

Dahl says that ' all grown-ups appear as giants to small children' p.41. Perhaps Dahl's use of caricatures shows his perspective as a young boy where awful grown-ups appear to be larger than life.

In Boy, Roald Dahl has many ways of showing us how awful a character can be:

He can make his caricatures:
- look horrible ( and perhaps sound or smell horrible too)
- behave in rude ways to people who have done nothing wrong
- have peculiar habbits or movements
- use their power and influence to frighten or punish people
- be cruel to children

Part 2 Creating a caricature profile

Imagine that you found Roald Dahl's notebook which had notes on each of the characters mentioned above. Collaborate with your classmates and write notes for each characters.

1. Choose a character from the list on the right column of the page ' Mrs Pratchett, Mr Coombes, Captain Hardcastle or
The Matron'.
2. Click on 'Edit'.
3. Pick out phrases or words from the novel to contribute to one of the sub-headings.
4. Click on 'Save'.
5. Pick another character and do the same. ( You must contribute to at least 4 sub-headings in any of the listed characters until the profile is complete)

Part 3 Fun poll

Get your own Poll!

Double click on the poll to cast your vote. Now, go to the discussion board, click on 'reply' to discuss your reasons.

Part 3 Assignment: Writing a blog entry for a meanie

Imagine you are ONE of the four characters, Mrs Pratcheet, Mr Coobes, Captain Hardcastle or the Matron. What mean thoughts go through their head?
Write a 300 word blog about your day. Use the first person "I" to narrate the events of the day. Imagine the kind of thoughts that run through their head and what plans they have to torture children. You can add in other imaginary details that are not mentioned in the book.

1. Mrs Pratchett- Narrate about the day when the boys walk into your shop and you later discover the dead mouse in the jar
OR THE day when you approached the headmaster of the school, witnessed the punishment and how truimphant you felt for exacting your revenge.
2. Mr Coobes- Narrate about the day when Mrs Prachett approached you to catch the culprits and how you punished them.
3. Captain Hardcastle- Narrate about the day when you suspect Roald Dahl of cheating and how you punished him.
4. The Matron- Narrate about the day when you planned to put soap flakes in Tweedie's mouth.

1. Click on the 'discussion board' .
2. Choose the character that you want to be.
3. Click on the character ( e.g. Mrs Prachett's blog)
3. Click on 'reply'
4. In the message body, first type in your blog entry title e.g ' Today is revenge day' , underline the blog title and then start writing your blog entry below. See example below :

Today is revenge day

I woke up this morning and had a terrible headache.. I'm going to get those evil vermins today!

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